Fiona Apple, Soul Sister


still image via Fiona Apple’s “Every Single Night” music video

It’s time to get really real with y’all. Fiona Apple’s seminal album, Tidal, came out when I was 8-years old, and not to date Ms. Apple or anything, but I felt that my 8-year old suburbanite self could relate to those songs better than say, some actually age-appropriate song from the time (I’m talking to YOU Barney). Of all the songs, Criminal was my jam because I was always a “bad, bad girl” and the song spoke to me on so many levels.

Without cheating and referencing Youtube to recall the other songs, I remember that album being mega-angsty and completely age-inappropriate for an 8-year old but I listened to that cassette and then CD to the point of self-destruction and most likely only on that single track that still sticks out in my 24 year old head. Remember the Criminal video?! It was kinda hot. She was definitely half naked for 90% of it; there was definitely a motel, or some similar cheap-looking room type place and it clearly made some crazy impression on me because here I am today talking about it all. Okay, I’ll cheat for a second, here it is.

Let’s fast forward to the present for a second. Fiona Apple is back on the scene and touring! This makes my inner 8 year old shriek with happiness because it now has a 24-year old’s (daintily sized) check book! Her sound is a little more folksy than I remember but I dig it. She’s the 2012 Fiona and (not to insult her) kind of has a Lana Del Ray sound to her vocals now. She’s goddamn Fiona Apple. I stumbled upon this video on her site while trying to source more post-millennial Apple. Chick played at SXSW this year?! Where the eff were all of us?

The song Every Single Night has a cool sound to it and she has a fancy little octopus on her head in the beginning of the video. If you’re interested in hearing more of her recent stuff from her most recent album (it’s a long title but here we go) The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do then you should check it out on iTunes. The track Valentine is pretty dope and her voice sounds very sultry accompanied by the piano and talking about some dude who never got her Valentine card. The songs are still incredibly heavy from an emotional context, but they’re relatable from a “I’m not as intense as she is but I can dig it” kind of stand point. That’s probably what drew me in as an 8-year old too. This chick really feels, and is able to express it all. Again, it’s incredibly heavy stuff so prepare yourself.

So… in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 16 years, ladies and gentlemen, please let me (re)introduce into your lives, Miss Fiona Apple.

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