The #GradSchool Conundrum

This is going to turn out to be an open letter to my tens of readers to gauge an unbiased opinion on a subject matter I’ve been struggling with for some time. So, I’ve been wrestling with the idea of graduate school ever since completing my undergrad four years ago. A few things in particular have prevented me from following through past the idea phase: loans, time and relevancy.

Loans. They are a disgusting yet useful thing and I regret accruing so much debt for the sake of a private education. Mind you, I have an awesome job that helps pay the billz, but I’d much rather prefer applying that money each month to my savings, traveling habit, shopping habit and a future home. Two of the questions that haunt me most are: do I go to school and put those loans on hold? Is it worth the emotional and financial toll of accruing more student loan debt? Of course, given that I’ve gone through the ridiculous rigamarole of loans, I can say that I’d certainly be smarter this time around and seek out more scholarships and smarter financial aid. Let’s get real, though, the cost of a great education shouldn’t be comparable to or surpass my entire annual salary. That’s just absolute nonsense and that shit needs to be figured out.

Time. Also see: Timing. Free time is a beautiful thing and I positively endorse it and adore my own spare time. Right now it’s mostly spent exploring, reading, visiting (harassing) friends, getting lost in my thoughts and so forth. How much of that do I want to apply to being a student again? If it’s to go back for the right degree then I’m totally game but not if it destroys my sanity. Timing, on the other hand, might be perfect right now.

Relevancy. First it was law school, then an MBA, then a JD/MBA. Now I’m toying with the idea of a masters in sociology (come to think of it, I even wrote a post on sociology/social media a few years back). The reasoning seems simple: I love what I do as a content editor/strategist in marrying human behaviors with social media best practices in order to get some great creative. The results on my accounts this far are going pretty well, so logically it only seems to make sense to continue an education on both tracks in order to continue in this field.

So I guess the big question is, given the points above, is it worth it?

What are your thoughts on the matter. Have you gone to, or thought about returning to get another degree? How has it worked out?! HALP

One thought on “The #GradSchool Conundrum

  1. Lisa says:

    Helllooooo. I went to grad school (the first time) right out of college, pretty much because the word was that many people who didn’t go right out of college ended up not going at all, and I knew I wanted at least a masters. On the loan side of it, financial concerns are totally understandable, but then again, the cost of school will just keep going up and up, so waiting is not going to save you money, it will just free up additional monies to pay for it. ANDDDDDD, chicka, THETA FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS!!!! C’mon, now. You know that among the multiple scholarships you should apply for, KATF is a must. Let me know when you’re ready, and if you like be on ya about it till you get your paperwork in. :~)

    And, finally, take this time now to explore what an advanced degree will actually get you in the work place. If you see a path in your current field in which a certain masters, etc. is a must then go for it now. If not, then I’d say, take your time and figure it out.

    OK, that’s all from me. TL Lisa O.

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